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Full House

A great hand to be dealt with!

Whether it is a girls night out, a bachelor party, a team building activity or simply a family gathering, the city by the sea delivers a splendid decorum an array of activities and a gastronomic abundant choice of wine and dine opportunities.

Subsequently it merely stands to reason that Villa Les Paquerettes goes with the flow and provides a special offer for whoever and whatever organization seeks to make a reservation for the full capacity of our B&B.

Should you thus make a reservation for four rooms overnight, we propose a discount of 5 euros per night for a double room, breakfast included.

Straight Flush

Another great, if not greater hand, to be dealt with!

A day by the seaside may well be a special treat but a prolonged stay is, without a shadow of a doubt, pure bliss! Quality time, far away from the madding crowd? A bowl of oxygen away from the hectic city lights? Decompression after a long term physical or intellectual demanding effort? Or simply, really simply, me, myself and I time, strolling along the shoreline watching the tide roll away?

Our city by the sea delivers a unique as excellent decorum for each and every wanderer, couple or group on a quest for tranquility. A short term stay in Ostend will recharge your body and soul batteries any time!

Villa Les Pâquerettes wants to be a prime destination for the traveler who seeks the above and offers subsequently a special arrangement for the guests who desire a prolonged stay in our Chatham House by the North Sea.

Thus ,should you consider a resident stay of four consecutive nights at our B&B, we propose a discount of 5 euros for a double room per night, a fabulous breakfast included.