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Why book us? Tough question indeed! We suppose we could try to answer the question by enumerating a number of objective parameters such as location, good value for money, excellent service, and so forth and so on. But, although we would be righteously defending a good product, we really wouldn’t  be doing right by ourselves.

As the attentive reader already knows, we seek to acquire a proper identity. We aspire to make an environment available in which the client profile we want to inspire to come and visit us feels at home. Really at home. At home in terms of comfort of course, privacy evidently so but equally coziness, genuine hospitality and the true feeling of being welcome, wholeheartedly welcome.

We like to see ourselves as the Chatham House by the North Sea: where kindred spirits, open minds and gentle souls inadvertently meet.  In our wildest hopes and dreams, we want to create an atmosphere where people book a room in anticipation of an interesting encounter, an enhancing exchange of views, a gentle conversation, acquiring new insights and opinions on a multitude of topics.  I wonder who might be staying in Les Pâquerettes when I will be there, is the question we would like you to ask yourselves whilst booking. One might just make an encounter that is the beginning of a lifelong friendship. And that is exactly how we see the first booking of a new guest. The beginning of a lifelong relationship.

Excellence in service is our striving and total customer satisfaction is our goal thus our future. Our location provides an array of possibilities living op to the wishes of each and every guest. We guarantee privacy as well as good company. We provide breakfast with fresh ingredients, local and homemade products around a table dressed with friendship and sprinkled  by genuine kindness and humor.

If we were able to inspire you, attract you or if you would like to spend a mid-week, a weekend or simply overnight on the continent, in our city by the sea where the language of Shakespeare has always been the lingua franca, on the crossroads of highways, airways  and seaways, book us.

And if and when, dear potential client or future guest, we succeeded in triggering your curiosity or anticipation of an agreeable experience, we rest our case in all tranquility, for you now know why you should book us. Subsequently, It will be up to us to rise to the occasion.

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